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The sectors in which we operate.

We advise our clients on the most innovative and significant transactions in the energy and infrastructure market.

Renewable energy

Working in the field of sustainable energy means taking a stand and facing up to the challenge of global climate change.


We help our clients invest in clean and reliable forms of energy, supporting them at all stages to reach the “ready to build” phase of a project.


We cover the whole spectrum of renewable energy from solar to wind plants, through biomass and geothermically generated power, providing our support through feasibility studies, assistance with the permitting process, contractual support, securing pipeline connections and obtaining the necessary permits and approvals.

Renewable gas

Clean hydrogen is an important energy source to assist with the decarbonisation of energy-consuming sectors, such as the chemical industry, steel and cement, aviation and maritime transport.


But not all hydrogen is “green”. The only 100% sustainable and commercially viable green hydrogen is obtained through the electrolysis of water in special electrochemical cells fed by electricity produced from renewable resources.

Sustainable infrastructure

Our team has a broad experience of developing infrastructure assets, from energy infrastructure up to storage systems (BESS).


We support our clients on the deployment of infrastructure , advising on the viability of infrastructure projects, identifying suitable sites, dealing with contracts, obtaining approvals and permits, providing technical advice and support, and advising on project design and construction.

The services we provide

Our professionals can offer a one-stop service from feasibility study through to ready-to-build. Our deep experience in renewable energy plants also allow us to assist clients in taking the opportunities coming from new technologies.

Project development

Our team will draw up a full analysis and evaluation of the technical aspects of the proposed project including irradiation or wind data.


We also provide analysis of the financial aspects and negotiate with landowners for the purchase of all the necessary rights for the construction of the project.

Procedural Compliance

We provide all the necessary documents required by the local, national and regional authorities for the approval of projects including, D.I.A., V.I.A and Sole Authorisations, with the support of Green Horse Legal Advisory.


In addition, we handle negotiations with municipal authorities for permits and deal with applications for financial incentives and grants.

Project Execution

On the ground we provide technical and administrative assistance during the construction phase.


This includes financial analysis to assist with the selection of contractors, such as the EPC contractors and/or main suppliers and installers, O&M contractors and the civil works and electrical works contractors.

Project Management

Our team can assume overall responsibility during the operational phase of the projects, with on and off-site representation for our clients on contract management with subcontractors, financiers, advisers and other parties.


We will officially represent project sponsors at site meetings and related management meetings.

Financial Management & Administration

We assist clients with financial modelling and the evaluation of projects with the support of Green Horse Financial Advisory.


We also assist clients with financial management when projects are operational.

Secretarial Services

Our secretarial services include:


  • Maintenance of up-to-date statutory books and records.
  • Drafting all board minutes, resolutions and notices.
  • Undertaking correspondence with board members and shareholders.
  • Creating and maintaining project files produced by the EPC and O&M contractors

Last mile… RTB activities

Support to all the needed activities for new “green” initiatives. We have the competencies for covering the whole project management, starting from feasibility analysis to “Ready To Build” , included authorization procedures and all the requested activities after the achieving of the authorization to start the plants construction, the so called “last mile”.


We are also able to handle the bureaucratic iter related to the plants connection with the Italian electricity grid operators.